CS Ranch is a theraputic equine center on the outskirts of Ponca City Oklahoma. It was concieved and developed in 2010 and implimented in 2012. Our 80 acre ranch site hosts 4 horses, in addition to cattle and a chicken coupe. It was designed to accomodate our participants and programming needs. Also, a full kitchen, laundry room, and restroom with a shower is available along with the traning area.

The site hosts a large fenced pasture, a riding pen, and several primative camping areas. CS Ranch also incorporates a large fish pond with a fire pit and outdoor cooking areas. We plant organic gardens seasonally, that are maintained by our residents. We provide riding lessons with our two equine experts who maintain and tend to all the ranch’s needs. 

Lauren Meador

CS Ranch Director


Amanda Jenkins

Equine Specialist


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