• Supported Community Lifestyles currently provides residential services within greater northern Oklahoma. Our services are supervised by qualified personnel with extensive training by the state of Oklahoma and DHS.
  • SCL Services is for clients who want to make choices for themselves. And for parents and guardians who want options for their loved ones with developmental disabilities. SCL is a growing place where individuals continually discover new talents, and abilities .

At SCL, we celebrate the unique abilities, successes and choices of people with developmental disabilities. Our programs and services provide the opportunity to explore many life options in safe, nurturing and appropriately challenging environments. We encourage the best in each person as advocates of personal dignity, respect and through our unfailing attention to individual needs and goals.

  • Our Health Care Coordinators work closely with community physicians, psychologists, dentists and other allied health professionals to provide for the physical and mental well-being of all clients.
  • Additionally, SCL provides on-site wellness monitoring, an ongoing evaluation process to determine if each person is using medical health services properly as recommended by the medical team.
  • Through wellness-monitoring visits, the individual can maintain his or her independence at home or in an alternative living situation.
  • SCL clients have individualized exercise programs, which include learning to make appropriate choices for preventive health maintenance.

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Hammock Enterprises is a subsidiary of Supported Community Lifestyles. Here is where we provide a variety of vocational services in several locations throughout the greater northern Oklahoma area. Our American workforce is composed of a minimum of 25% of people with disabilities.


CS Ranch is our non-profit therapeutic horse ranch. Here we provide and equine program which our clients can participate in a variety of ways. CS Ranch was specifically designed to serve high risk adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. You can read more below about the programs that we run through CS Ranch.